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Thursday, April 3, 2014

03:04:2014 - Ashtar Speaks: "Contact"



Ashtar Speaks: "Contact"

We, your Galactic Family, are in the process of organizing the physical contact with you. It is imminent.

The contact between us will be individually down on your beloved planet Gaia. There will be neither mass landings nor a beaming aboard a ship. Rather we will visit those of you who have managed to raise their energies to a certain level that matches with our own energy.

Please make no mistake: Such an encounter makes high demands on our energy vessels. Our energy levels are on different stages and we, to cope with your levels, have to lower our energy to a certain degree. Such degree is the bottom and to go further down could cause us serious damage. That is the reason why you have to meet us halfway.

What can you expect from our contacts? How does the contact happen?

We can assure you that we will not approach you suddenly out of the blue and cause you fear or any other unpleasant feelings. The contact will happen in a situation which you are familiar with.

Each contact will be individually, tailor made so to speak, to cover the needs of each of you. There a plenty of possibilities how we can achieve our goal to meet you without frightening you "to the death". For some, the contact could happen while they are on a walk or preparing to relax in front of the TV. For others it could be whilst they are preparing for meditation in a quiet place of their home. The possibilities are endless but again, always focused on your well being.

Although each contact will be individually and tailor-made, all contacts will have the same underlying principle:

The contact will happen while you are wide awake.

It will not happen during your sleep or meditation. It will happen when you are fully awake and anchored in your body. You will experience it with all your senses. It is exactly the same as you would meet a beloved member of your family or a friend. And in fact, we are your family!

You are allowed to take pictures and make recordings. Please share these widely. Can you discern what impact this will have on the Disclosure process? Think big and then even bigger. And yes, we know how much you like "Selfies" and we are looking forward to your creativity in taking pictures with us.

There are concerns of how to interact with us. First of all, we are as much as eager as you are to finally reconnect with you. We, too, will be "nervous" and we understand how nervous you must be when you meet us. Just listen to your heart and follow its advice. And you will perfectly know how to "behave" during the contact.

"When will the contact happen?" is your next question. As stated above, it will happen when you have sufficiently raised your energy levels and during the best occasion to meet you.

But many contacts have already happen. Because more and more of you are reaching the required energy levels, the contacts will gain momentum exceptionally.

Words are insufficient to express our deep joy to meeting you "face to face".

Go in peace and be assured of our never ending Love for you!

On behalf of your Galactic Family,
your brother

Dear All,

There might be those asking you how to raise one's energy. Here is my input:

Don't approach this with your mind. Don't impose "I should" mantras on you. All that is required from you is to let go and focusing on Love. How "to let go" is perfectly explained in Taryn Crimi's channeling which you can find here: 

And there are many other posts on this topic.

Make "I am Love" your new everyday's mantra. Approach every situation at least with a loving intend. And say good bye to old stuff that doesn't suit you anymore.

At least, this is my approach to raise my energy level.


Channeller: Philipp

Available in 25 languages


  1. Greetings and Salutations Beloved Ashtar!

    You are so beautiful! I have missed your Loving Presence and Blue Ray Power most horribly.

    Come and give me a kiss and a hug and let's Rock this World!


    Captain Kirk
    Blessings Victory Peace

    *****Homing Beacon Activated******

    I AM Sovereign...................................KING
    I AM Blue Ray!...................................WARRIOR
    Sons and Daughters Awaken...............MAGICIAN
    I walk with You in Paths of Tranquility....LOVER


  3. Dear Captain Kirk,
    I salute you and please let me do this comment:
    Ashtar when addressed to us through Philipp he did not stated a date, so his presence as also other members our Family of the Stars in physical, is completely opened. This thing of lowering the vibrations for them is quite difficult and also harmful because if we are not in the same wave of attunement, (frequency of vibration) they can be terribly damaged. Being so you must start for raising yours.
    I know it is not an easy task but, but is is not insulting others that we achieve this aim. Ashtar do not need to be judged this way. All of us know he is of the Light, and I wonder to myself if he is not the personage of an Archangel, due to his great role in the Divine Master Plan.

    About Philipp he is a very reliable channel and the fact that he sent this message put me in great Joy because when he started to channel, I put my doubts about the veracity of it and if it would not be promises that never will come true. Ashtar answered promptly reassuring me of the truth of these channelings and that their reunion with us would be a fact much more close that I could imagine, and as you could see, Philipp started to channel on February 2013. I quote here also the comment Philipp did when he started to channel:
    I had my ups and downs and still now after Ashtar came to me about ten days ago and asking me to channel him I am asking him about ten times a day if this is all real or just my imagination. Let your heart guiding you when you read this message and then decide by yourself. Namaste, Philipp.
    I kindly ask you to do the same. Philipp did not want fame or profit, so he asked that his identity was kept only as his first name and you never saw me or Steve Beckow asking any money for his channelings. He offer us and we offer them to our readers.
    About Paulette, she is a very kind lady, nowadays not so young as this picture portrays her. She is a very reliable person, a very good channeller and she deserves all our respect. Her books are the messages that have been transmitted to her to be gathered in books. Of course that these books are for sale, because otherwise no Editor/Publisher would put them as books to reach many.
    In fact we are at the Eve of great events, the energies coming today and during all this year will contribute very much for the raising of our vibrations and when the Event will happen I think (this is my personal opinion, and I am only a translator without any medumship capability) it will be the big step to achieve it and to finally can be in the presence of our Family of the Stars without causing them any harm.

    Please read :
    Remember dear friends … we have spoken of the fact that when this Event takes place … your senses and awareness shall be heightened to a much Higher level … Higher than the one the individual is vibrating on at the time … and each are at a different stage of ‘the game’.

    It cannot be that ALL suddenly are on the same vibration. It shall be step by step … in line with that which an individual soul is able to cope with. Yet we will say again … that when it takes place ... euphoria shall sweep the nation of humanity. No matter what level they find themselves at that time.

    This FEELING that is presented to ALL … cannot remain ‘in actual physicality space’ for all time … for it would be TOO strong … Yet the remembrance … the seed of that euphoria shall have been planted in the memory banks of LOVE itself. and the previous October 2013 channellings of Blossom Goodchild
    + – pls search the English subtitles on CC-captions.
    Alkesh + Syriat did an astral trip to Comet Ison/Spaceship Anaïs and enlighten a lot of important matters told them by Amun, the Sirusian Commander of that spaceship.
    Thank you very much if you have read it until this point. I will send it to you also by email, once you wrote me today about another matter.

    With very much Love and Gratitude

  4. To Ashtar Command can you make it here to 988 Howard street by 10pm because I need to sign your name on the overnight log book with the front desk clerk if you are coming after 10pm I will ask the desk clerk to call up to my room when you arrive at 988 Howard street or come get me in the TV. Room between 10pm to 12-midnight. So I can come bring you up stairs to my room or to watch TV. With me in the TV. Room.

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     Yes Honey I really want to sit on your lap to be hold in your warm arms while you can hug and kiss me all over my face with are lips together.
    Here is a photo of a truck we need 2 of these trucks to truck all my stuff where it can be transported to your space ship Ashtar command for me to move aboard to live with you in your living quarters in or near the bridge control room.

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  8. Yes we need us Express trucks with empty 53foot dry van trailers at 988
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  9. To empty out my apartment 411
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    Francisco CA 94107 Locker I 26 And J 38 For me to move aboard Ashtar
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    I need Ashtar command to arrange empty storage rooms for me to use as storage lockers on deck level 10 near Ashtar Commands living quarters. Would these trucks be allowed to drive to the storage lockers on bard the space ship on deck 10 to unload the trucks. Or how will we transport all my stuff to Ashtar Commands space ship to deck 10. Or is Ashtar living quarters big enough to empty 2 truck loads of my stuff into Ashtar commands living quarters on deck 10. John Banks moving in with Ashtar Command on board the space ship soon as the trucks can be arrange mean time I need Ashtar Command to pay rental on the storage lockers until he can work with me to get the trucks with empty dry van trailers Ashtar Command can storage all my stuff for free on board his space ship. That will be a big help for me in the future.
    Ashtar Command Needs to contact US Express trucking company to arrange the trucks and truck drivers at web site www usxpress com Or call U.S. Xpress Enterprises Inc 4080 Jenkins Road Chattanooga Tennessee 37421 800 251 6291 Media Inquiries Natalie Parker Office 423 510 3814 Email nparker at I may need someone with a wheelchair accessible van to transport me to where we catch a space shuttle to Ashtar Commands Mother the space ship. The truck drivers do not have a way to transport me and my wheelchair and insurance liabilities. Would the van driver and these trucks transport my stuff to a private airport to a private space shuttle from Ashtar Commands mother space ship It will be easy for us to pack my stuff on empty pellets inside the dry van trailer and scram rap it and we can use a pellet jack or a fork lift to transfer my stuff from the truck to Ashtar Commands space shuttle to the space ship. Truck drivers will need to bring empty card board boxes and a dolly to transport the boxes down to the truck to be load onto a empty pellets on the back of the truck. Because I m wheelchair bound I can carry one box at a time up and down the elevator to and from the truck. My laptop computer and other electronics goes with me on the back of my wheelchair to travel to Ashtar Commands space shuttle to Ashtar Commands Mother Space Ship. I m waiting for a date and time when the trucks will be at 988 Howard Street Apt 411 San Francisco ca 94103 looking for me to help me pack and load up the trucks bound to Ashtar Commands Private freight shuttle at a private airport. I want to live with Ashtar Command for ever for him to be a good loving care taker for me. When I arrive on deck 10 or 11 to meet Ashtar Command in person I like him to have food ready for me to eat as I will be hungry and tired.

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Keshe Live Regarding Threats and Science
Project Camelot, March 16, 2014



Full government disclosure of ET presence on Earth

Full government disclosure of ET presence on Earth

Why this is important

The presence of Extra-terrestrial civilizations on and around Earth has been publicly attested by hundreds of credible first-hand witnesses, including military personnel, astronauts and civil aviation pilots.

It has also been the subject of a global cover-up for more than 60 years, according to testimony from such witnesses, made public through Dr Steven Greer's Disclosure Project and recent documentary, Sirius, as well as through the Citizens' Hearing on Disclosure that took place at the National Press Club in Washington DC in April-May of 2013.

This cover-up, using media disinformation and hoaxes, has kept humanity from open contact with highly-advanced benevolent galactic citizens, capable of interstellar travel faster than the speed of light. In doing so, world leaders have deprived this planet of advanced propulsion and energy technologies that could have completely transformed human civilization by now, to a level of global well-being, connectedness, and environmental health few have yet even dreamed of.

Our planet can only head into deeper crisis under the control of a military-industrial complex and fossil fuel corporations that pull the strings of government to delay alternatives that would see their power crumble, along with a cabal of vested interests.

The open acknowledgement of advanced extra-terrestrial peoples by Earth's governments is the step needed to begin the next chapter for humanity and our planet. Clarity is vital if humanity is to successfully connect with ETs approaching with goodwill, currently not differentiated in media representation from negative entities or possible human agencies using reverse-engineered craft for unknown purposes. Lack of transparency creates confusion and the potential for destructive actions.

Let's take a stand for compassion and freedom NOW, and call on the United Nations and all world governments to step up, acknowledge the truth of benevolent ET contact with Earth, and start engaging openly with our galactic neighbors to heal our world.